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There is a lot of debate about assamblé. I’ve seen it taught as a jump and a leap. Personally I think it depends on the choreography, the style of the teacher, and how much space you have left on the dance floor. I usually travel a little on my assamblés, but I try to get as high up in the air as I can (because I love feeling like I’m flying!)

I’m going to show you two different assamblés. The first in the video below is by a dancer in Paris. Start at 4:40.

I am going to refer to this assamblé as an assamblé jete. assamblé means “assemble” and jeté means “thrown.” His assamblé is focused on throwing himself across the room. I would count this assamblé as a leap.

But now look at the video below. These little assamblés are going straight up in the air, and aren’t traveling much. (see time). these assamblés are jumps, not leaps. (bad video quality, I know).

Now you see why I didn’t include assamblé in my list yesterday!

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