The Pointe Shoe Test

2:05 PM
For Parents

Put Down Your Phone - Why You Shouldn't Videotape Your Child Dancing

9:19 AM
For Teachers

Supporting Your Dancer - A Family Guide

7:51 AM

Am I Hydrated? Drinking Water In Dance Class

8:35 AM
For Students

3 Types Of Corrections You Will Get In Dance Class - and what to do about them

9:15 AM
For Teachers

Muscle Memory, Stars, and Minus Signs - How To Avoid The Learning Curve

11:05 AM
For Students

Do You Know How To Point Your Toes?

9:35 AM
For Parents

My Dancer says she's hurt! What should I do?

12:19 PM
For Teachers

Free Dance Class Lesson Planner Printable

12:16 PM
For Parents

Why Does My Hair Have To Be In A Bun?

8:05 AM

Ages 1-4 Music Recommendations

11:55 AM

Perfect Ballet Bun for Medium length hair

7:46 PM

5 Tips To Get Over Post-Recital Slump

11:46 AM
Injury Prevention

When Am I Ready For Pointe?

9:07 AM
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