Foot and Arch Tutorials

2:33 PM

Today I have three videos for you! More will come,  promise. I have to film them, though.

What to do: Slowly releve in a parallell position, pushing up as high as you can. When you lower, lower slowly, making sure you resist "clopping" your heels down. Try to eliminate all ankle wobbles

What to remember: When working on Relelve, make sure your arches, toes, and knees are all lined up. Push all the way up on to your arch as high as you can. Check your feet from the front, and from the side.


Releve combination: 8 in first, 8 with plie, 8 in sur le coups de pied on each foot, 8 in second, balance in sousus, passe coupe balance in sousus, plie and stretch.

Remember: push your heel into the ground, like there's an orange under it! No wobbles!


Plies with arch presses:

Demi-plie like you normally would, but press your arch up onto demi-pointe. Stretch out the muscles under the feet. Make sure when you do this, your arch is lined up with your knees and toes. This exercise stretches and enhances the arch.

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