A reminder

9:20 PM

One year, for Christmas, my ballet teacher gave me a sweat cloth. It has the ballet studio logo on it, with my name embroidered in the middle. It's a pretty purple lavender color, and I always keep it in my dance bag.

At first I thought it was a really strange gift: I always wore legwarmers because I was always cold, so why did she give me a sweat cloth? I figured it was to fold up and place on the barre for when we stretched on the barre, so we wouldn't hurt our ankles.

Years later, after I've left the studio and gone to college, and now teach 12 classes a week, I finally understand the purpose of that cloth. It's a bright purple so I can place it in the corner and spot it when I can't seem to concentrate. I keep it in my dance bag for when I break down after class or after a late night, so I can clear up my face. I have it on hand for when a student spills a water bottle. I look at it and remember how smart and experienced my teacher was.

But mostly, I keep it by my side during barre to remind myself that I should, at all times, be working so hard that I'm pouring sweat, and therefore need a sweat cloth to wipe it off my neck, back, and wrists.

With that gift, Miss Laura still helps me work hard in class today, even though I haven't trained under her in over three years.

Guess what my students are getting for Christmas?

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  1. Hi Haley,

    I really like the sound of that, but a whole towel doesn't fit into my dance bag. What is your sweat cloth made from?

    Love the idea for the students.


  2. Actually it's just a little wash cloth :)


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