Rond de Jambes

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There are a lot of different kinds of rond de jambes, and today, I’d like to take you through all of them, one at a time, in intricate detail. (I’m working on a video of all the different ones, so stay tuned!)

Rond de Jambe – circle of the leg. Most rond de jambes draw a half circle or a circle. try to visualize the half-circles in all these different kinds.

a terre (or par terre) – a rond de jambe on the ground. tendu, circle to the side, circle to the reverse, and close in first.

petit – small rond de jambe. Tendu front, circle to the side, and close. (Or reverse.)

demi (a la second a terre) – small rond de jambe (to the side). makes a circle, but stays in second. (imagine an a la seconde rond de jambe oval that you draw with your foot… but do it on the ground.)

en l’air (or a la second en l’air) – battement to the side, and circle back in to retire

grand – large rond de jambe. battement, passe, and developpe to the opposite direction, and brush back through. (Imagine a half-circle turned on its side).

grand en l’air – Large rond de jambe in the air. battement, carry to the side, carry to the other direction.

grand battement en rond (or grand rond de jambe battement). from coupe or attitude, battement out to a degage, carry to the side, and carry to the opposite side in tendu (this is a Russian step).

Hope this all makes sense! Please note that depending on where you studied, and how your teacher studied, there is some debate about these terms!

~Miss Haley~
Photo credit: mkd. via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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