Tired of Over-Used Songs at Competitions? Here are some of my favorites

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I don't blame you if you don't want your dancer performing to the same song as everyone else! Here are a few awesome collections of songs and albums that I love!

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These are some of my favorite songs (some available online for free, others for purchase). I've also put a few tag-words describing the songs after each link. Enjoy and good luck!

Personal Favorites
JJ Heller - Free - Powerful, dynamic, and inspirational
Little Fox, Little Bird - Everything Falls Apart - Slow, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Whimsical
Brianna Gaither - Anything by her is great, honestly, but check out I Won't Rest  and Love Is Patient
Hearts on Fire by Cimorelli - amazing girl voices harmonizing with a sweet slightly southern voices
Crooked Bangs by Cameron Johnson - I love everything about this song. Kinda folksy, with a good beat.

More Awesomeness
Travis Oberg - Bloodlines - smooth, constant, slow build
Michelle Wake - Effortless - smooth, jazzy, sassy, slow
Andrew Belle - The Enemy - modern, slow build, steady, powerful
Jillette Johnson - Cameron - dynamic, powerful, emotional, LGBTQ themed
Thea Gilmore - Got to Run - mysterious, acoustic, minor key, vocal artistry
Amberhope - Forever or Never - nostalgic, sad, soft, gentile, vocal artistry, grows in dynamics
Lauren Marsh - Promise - lyric, high, steady beat and tempo, inspiring
Juneau - Turning to Gold - steady pace, builds, lyric, soft, hint of country
Katie Pederson - Consistency  and I Will Sing- slow, deep, somber, beautiful harmony and lyrical
Heath McNease - Salem Songs - folksy
Terry Oldfield - Origins - think "native American," ethnic, earthy.

No Words
C3NC - Instrumental Album
Hill - 4
Anchor Worship - Asher
Anything by Brent Lewis

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