Review: Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig

5:43 PM

by David Ira Rottenberg, illustrated by Lesley Anderson
ISBN: 9780910291033
Published: October 24th 2008 by Cedar Crest Books
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Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig tells the tale of Gwendolyn and Omar-two best friends who have big dreams. Gwendolyn longs to dance ballet, and Omar wants to join the football team. There's just one problem—they're both pigs! How will Natasha Levertov, "the greatest teacher of dance in ze vorld," help them make their dreams come true?

Gwendolyn, The Graceful Pig was adorable. The story was sweet, the pigs made you want them to succeed in their goals, and the Russian ballet teacher was true to the core. The illustrations were priceless! And it had a great conclusion. There was a little bit of humor that made it an enjoyable read for young dancers and parents or ballet teachers. Perfect for ages 3-6 for any young dancer with stars in their eyes. 

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