I’ve taken the plunge

9:49 AM

I bought a pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes.

I hate them.

Okay they’re not too bad, but let me explain.

I love Grishko. And Bloch. And Capezio. And almost every other kind of shoe. I just love pointe shoes. I love working in them. I love pushing under my toes. I love the control I feel in my fibularis brevis (the muscle that runs up along the outside of your foot… think of it as the muscle you use to wing your foot, or hit sur le coups de pied).

My Gaynors look great on my feet.

But honestly, I was rolling up, and I just bounced up! It was like I didn’t even have to try. Because of that, I immediately lost a significant amount of control over the shoe, and even though doing pique turns and echappes was easy as pie, pirouettes and chasse releves and releves on one foot were almost impossible. It was like I couldn’t use the muscles I was used to using.

Also they hurt like the dickens. I can’t wear my gellows, so I tried just wearing them without extra padding, like the fitter recommended. I tried taping my toes, and it was just as bad. Finally I went back to my old habits and wrapped my feet in paper towels.

Pain gone! funny how that works. Though it only lasted for about an hour and then I was toast (here’s the proof… I didn't even get to centre work!)

Eventually I talked to one of my friends who used to wear them, and she said it is possible to pull out the padding… so I did. I ended up pulling out the whole lining (and having to stick it back in, which was complicated) but with the help of an exacto knife, a box cutter, and a pair of very sharp scissors, I managed to get the box liners out, so the plastic was exposed. Now my gellows fit, and I’m enjoying them a lot more.

I shall update you if necessary.

Keep in mind though, when the Grishko Nova comes out, I’m trying those suckers on. Because I know they’ll fit… and they’re practically made for my foot. I know this because I tried them on a few months ago when I didn’t have the cash to buy them, and by the time I came back, they had sold their only pair in my size (the Nova hasn’t officially come out yet, much to my dismay).
I don’t know about you, Gaynor Minden… I just don’t know about you yet.

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  1. Hi! i think i have the same type of food like you, i wear nova's and i got grishkos and had the same problem... im so sad that i spend so much money on them and they hurts so bad my toe nail! do you have any recommendations ??


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