Things my kids say

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You know you have a list, too.

When I do creative movement with my little ones, I teach them visualization by asking them a series of questions about imagination. For example, we hold our feet and rock back and forth, and go sailing in the ocean. I ask them, “What do you see in the ocean?” “What does the sky look like today?” “Are the waves high or low?” Sometimes the we do adventures in the garden, or what color bunny rabbit do you want to be. I’ve had some interesting responses to all of these questions.

“What do you see in the ocean/garden/sky?”
“Green what?”
(every week. For a year. Always the answer is green.)

“The music is going to give you a special signal of when you run out to your spot.”
“Oh, is it like this? ‘ca-caw!’ "

“Let’s work on our gallops—“
  *child is wearing a fairy tutu, interrupts and covers her face with her hands and says*
" 'Who-Who' look I’m an owl."

“What do you see in the ocean?”
*gives assistant weird look.*
*five minutes later*
“What do you see in the sky?”
*never asks child questions again*

4-year old: “Why do you bring your computer to ballet?”
Miss Haley: “It has all my music on it, and my ipod doesn’t work.”
4: “You could get a new one.”
H: “I don’t have any money.”
4: “You can get some from the bank!”

Miss Haley: pas de chat means “step of the cat.” Saute means “jump.” so what does Saut de chat mean?
Teen: “step of the horse.”
Miss Haley: *glares*
Teen: “step of the dog?”
Miss Haley: *facepalm*
Teen: “step of the snake!”
Miss Haley: *falls on the floor*

Conversations between me and 5-year-old:
5: What's that on your fingers? (points to where I chew my thumb)
Me: Oh, that's my bad habit.
5: I chew my finger. sometimes, only at night though.
Me: oh.
5: and in the morning. And for an hour after lunch.
Me: oh.
5: But you know what's worse than that? picking your nose! I do that too.
Me: Okay, class... let's do plies.

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