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How Much Will My 2-Year-Old Get Out Of Dance, Anyway?

7:36 AM

Do you get this question? Do you hate this question?

I created this brochure for me, so I have something to give people when they say that. Because after answering that question about 85,000 times you kinda get bored with it.

So instead of just keeping this lovely handout to myself, I thought I'd share it with you.

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There are tons of benefits for young children in dance.

1. Physical benefits - Children will develop fine and gross motor skills, faster muscular development, better posture, balance, and grace faster than the average child who is not in dance.

2. Mental benefits - Children who dance develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and the natural skill to pick up on complex concepts faster than others. They also tend to be more likely to work hard in school, and less likely to give up when encountering something difficult.

3. Lifetime preparation - Children learn important skills like teamwork, confidence, demonstrating in front of groups, body language, and response to cues.

This guide is called Your Little Dancer. It's designed to "sell" the benefits of dance to parents, for ages 0-6. Do you run a mommy-and-me class, a Bella Bundle class, or a pre-ballet class? This is the perfect handout for dubious parents.

It's also perfect for handing out during recitals, open houses, and observation days, and field days.

I also make a customizable file! You send me your studio images, logo, and contact info, and I create the file just for you!

I know the school year is starting soon, and all you teachers are busy preparing for your busy season! Hopefully this guide can help you out by answering the questions you don't have time for!

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