Food for thought

9:39 PM

I'm not fat. Really, I'm not. Here's a video of Alesandra Danilova performing the choreography of Sugar Plum that I know… I'm skinnier than her, and I can do the dance just as well.

Here's Margot Fonteyn doing Le Corsaire. I'm skinnier than her too.


Here's my audition shot in high-school, before I lost weight.

I look pretty much the same now, more toned in the thighs and back, and I have a much better arabesque, but I had—and still have—larger legs.

Why do ballerinas have to be super skinny? there's no reason for it. curves look better on a lady than protruding bones do anyway.

One of these days, my dancers—who will be fit and strong and healthy—will take the world by a storm, and remind the companies that you don't have to be a size 00 to dance.

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