Vocabulary review: Failli

12:00 PM

If you’re looking at this word and trying to remember what on earth it is, don’t worry. You know it.

It’s pronounced “Fye-ee.” We usually do it conjoined with an assamble. Here’s a video (she starts with a sousus, then plies into it):

Here’s what I’ve discovered about failli: Many people confuse Sissone with Failli. Think about this: Failli means “Falling through.” the failli part of the video above is the part where the leg in the air comes through and crosses. Failli can be done without a jump as well! It can be done out of a releve, it can be done out of a pirouette, it can be done out of an arabesque. Usually we just say “cross” or “cross over.” But that’s technically the Failli part.

So when you see someone doing the thing above in the video, that’s technically “Sissone Failli Assamble.”

So there you go. You learned something new!

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