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Let's get personal! A young lady who is hitting puberty in the dance studio still experiences all the pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and confusion that any other child would... only she's practically naked and contorting her body in weird shapes at the same time.

We want to make sure our daughters have the best possible dance experience, but that they are also cared for mentally, emotionally, and physically. Here are some of the resources I recommend!

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For Menstruation

Thinx Panties - These "period panties" are designed to hold anywhere from 1/2 a tampon to 2 tampon's worth, and are practically seamless. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for young girls to wear in the studio or on the stage.

Not sure undies could do the job? I searched through a variety of testimonies of dance moms and the conclusion is very clear - these are perfect.

Make sure you click the photo above so you can get $10 off your first order.

Flex menstrual disk - This is something an older dancer may consider if they have heavy periods and changing tampons/pads in class are not an option.

Flex - Similar to the diva cup, the Flex disk is folded and inserted and sits against the cervix. It is disposable, can remain inserted safely for up to 12 hours, and is suitable for 95% of menstruating women.


Petals - these are stick-on nipple covers that are ideal for competition and recitals. I wouldn't recommend them for every-day class, but for shows (since we all know that sticky stuff might last a few uses but it won't last forever.

Disposable Pasties - these may add up over time, but are a good alternative for a student who isn't quite ready for a bra, or perhaps a student whose teacher is a bit more of a stickler on the seamless dress code. This set comes in a pack of 30 from Amazon for about $8.

Clear Bra - Yes it doesn't look totally comfortable. But if you're working with a costume that has a weird neckline, this might be a good option! the whole thing (save the underwire) is clear!

Just Enough of a Bra - For a young lady who wants to have a bit more coverage in her every-day class, I have several students who wear a comfortable lace bralette from Victoria's Secret or American Eagle, but these bralettes are available almost everywhere. They look nice under most leotards (especially those that already have lace, or pretty cut-outs) and provide an extra layer of coverage.

The DIY Solution - Did you know you can sew a bra or a liner into a leotard or costume? It's a lot more simple than you think! This provides support without a bra line or straps under the leotard - perfect for the student, perfect for the teacher. (I will be making a tutorial soon! Follow for updates.)

When in doubt - make it part of the costume! Depending on the style of dance and the type of costume you're wearing, making the bra part of the costume or class dress can be an option! See Workout bras, and the customizable bra (a personal favorite!)

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