Barre + Bag Unboxing and Freebie!

7:26 PM

Have you heard of Barre + Bag? They just launched about 3 months ago and have already made a splash in the ballet world! Beyond the Barre is partnering with Barre + Bag to bring you a freebie! Check it out below.

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Barre + Bag is a monthly box (not a subscription - you buy each box as you want it) that is directed towards ballet. Each box has a bag of some kind, plus some other fun stuff.

This month's theme is back to school! I just got my box the other day, and I absolutely love it!

This month's collection:

A lovely arm warmer! I love this because the shoulders and Acromion are visible (key for alignment!) It's comfy, lightweight, warm, but breathes nicely. Wash on delicate in a mesh bag, or by hand. 

A super handy thimble (this is a gem! I have 3 of these!!!) It's made of leather and fits all fingers, is comfortable, and has a bit of metal in it to protect your fingers while sewing/darning your shoes!

A lovely Etiquette guide with notes about behavior, and space in the back for corrections and choreography.

3 cute pencils that say Barre, Center, Reverence. 

Perfect for writing in your etiquette guide! Or for school, to show just how much of a ballet lover you are!

A bag for "toe stuff" by Pillows for Pointe, one of my favorite brands!   

Just for Beyond the Barre subscribers: Enter code Beyondthebarre in the Customer Code section and you'll get an extra freebie - this lovely grey drawstring bag!

This is only for my readers and subscribers! You will not get this bag if you don't enter the code, so head over there and get your freebie!

Watch my unboxing video below, and subscribe to my channel for more fun stuff. 

Happy dancing!

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