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Get Your Stretch On with Yoga Download!

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Have you heard of Yoga Download? They're an online yoga streaming service with videos, music, and instruction designed to work at home at your own pace!

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I did Yoga in high school in the mornings before I started my day of studying, dancing, and rehearsals. It definitely helped get the blood moving and my muscles stretching. I increased my flexibility quite a bit, and I think yoga had a lot to do with it!

Yoga Download is a great affordable option for dancers who want to have a bit of guidance through their morning or pre-class (or post-class!) routine.

They have a variety of class levels and intensity levels depending on your skill and what you're looking for. Since the videos are stream/download in your own home or studio, don't worry about not knowing much or anything about yoga. Everything is at your own pace and skill level; you are in control!

They also have a whole section of just pose videos. Each pose is carefully explained and demonstrated in the video. 

Under the video is a whole section of notes, corrections, things to look out for, and variations or modifications depending on level or injury.

You can browse by what you're looking for... workouts, meditation, challenge, etc. They even have some free classes available!

I took a few of the free classes and I really liked them. I will definitely incorporate some of the exercises into my dance classes.

There's even a whole section of just kids yoga! Kids, mommy-and-me, ranging from little toddlers to older kids. This is a great resource for teachers to incorporate new creative movement and stretch ideas into their classes or a starting point to build a mommy-and-me curriculum.

There are a variety of yoga styles, and Yoga Download allows you to search for videos based on the style you prefer.

and there are tons more!

Besides just individual classes, they also have programs and challenges to help motivate you and keep you working towards a goal!

The programs range from physical stretch and strengthening, to meditation, to pain relief, to detox, to spiritual journeys.

Along with the videos, they also have pages and pages of meditative, motivating, and genre-specific music! 

Yoga Download has even more to offer! I hope you'll check it out and give it a shot! Start with the free classes and see if it's right for you or your dancer! As a special, Yoga Download is offering 50% off their Elite package with code YDL-50ME! 

Try it out

Happy dancing! And don't forget to give Yoga Download a try!

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