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I started a website in 2006 called Future Ballerinas. I had just started dancing and wanted to share my newly learned information with the whole world. Suffice to say I didn't do a very good job of building the site, and it didn't have a lot of content. After studying ballet intensively for a few more years, teaching at several studios, and getting a degree in Ballet Pedagogy, I now have a little more to talk about.

What Will I Find Here?

I do a variety of different posts and themes. here are just a few types of content you'll find at BTB, and some examples of what those posts are like:

What do the numbers say?

Here are a few stats for you! Feel free to download/browse my media kit as well.

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as of 6/18/18

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My pinterest is under my name, since I have boards of all different styles. The majority of my pins are focused on food, dancewear, and conditioning exercises for dancers. I promote all of my affiliates extensively on Pinterest.

Instagram (just launched)

BTB's Instagram is a more personal day-in-the-life sort of page. I also share lots of affiliate links on handmade dancewear, or fun hair accessories. I do videos and photos of my own dancing, and sometimes inspirational quotes and mini-blog posts. My goal is to focus mostly on dance videos, product demonstration, and modeling of dancewear.

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Twitter (just launched)

BTB's Twitter is a little different - it's a twitter for my sister site, Dance Blogs, and shares articles by me and all other dance bloggers.
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Sister site - Dance Blogs

Dance Blogs is an online database of actively working dance bloggers and writers.

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I send an email out on Fridays (usually every other Friday) containing links to articles (mine and other people's) that I think will be useful to dancers, dance moms, and dance teachers. I also include any coupons, discounts, or freebies that I can find. 

  • Subscribers - 2291
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Fokine's Dying Swan (with variation by Galina Panova)

About Haley

I started ballet when I was 13. I got en pointe when I turned 14 and studied with Carolina Ballet for their summer intensive when I was 15. I came home from summer camp and started teaching and assisting at my studio under my artistic director, former ballerina Laura Karmi of the Missouri Concert Ballet. I also had the unique opportunity to take 2 classes a month with former prima ballerina Galina Panova of the Kirov Ballet. I trained under Panova for a little over year.

Haley dancing at Western Carolina University

My last 2 years of High School, I took a break from dance to focus on my education and my family. When I went to Western Carolina University, I was given the opportunity to dance again. I started training in January of 2011, taking classes, assisting in teaching the lower levels, and teaching private tutoring sessions for the university. I teamed up with WCU's Honors College and the Stage and Screen department and created a Ballet Pedagogy degree program, in which I double-majored alongside Professional Writing and Editing.

Encore Dance, April 2012

While in college, I taught beginner and intermediate ballet, and pre-pointe at Encore Dance in Sylva NC. I helped start their worship dance team. I also taught ballet and pointe at North Georgia Studio of Performing Arts, a small studio operating out of the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee Preparatory school.

Rabun Gap - Nacoochee School, NGPA, 2012

After graduating, I moved to Raleigh NC where I teach ballet at Stage Door Dance, where I mostly work with ages 5-14 on foundational ballet technique, pre-pointe, and beginner pointe.

Ballet has always been my passion, and it's where my heart is. I have found that I have a gift for teaching, and I love to see my students succeed. I am passionate about helping my students flourish and do the best they can do, and learn as much as they can about confidence, their bodies, health and nutrition, and about themselves as individuals. I believe dance can be a pathway to greater things, such as greater self-knowledge, communion of spirits, and worship.

Miss Haley and a student - 2016, Stage Door Dance

Miss Haley and Little Stars class, 2017, Stage Door Dance

My other main hobby is writing. I have several novels in progress, and I read about 60 books a year, and review them on The Book Bop.

Haley teaching at SDD during the Winter Ballet Intensive

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