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My Dancer says she's hurt! What should I do?

12:19 PM

We want to make sure our dancers are well taken care of, and that means taking care of their bodies! Sometimes despite our best efforts, a dancer ends up with an injury. Here are the steps to take to provide the fastest recovery possible.

1. Check to see if your dancer can move or put weight on the injury. If they can but it hurts, proceed. If they cannot, bring them to a doctor immediately.

2. Ask The Right Questions. Young dancers -- especially children -- won't be able to describe their pain to you without the right guidance.

3. Use your eyes and your fingers. Look for bruising, swelling, and things that don't feel right. If you don't know much about ankles, compare the dancers ankles and look for significant differences between the two.

4. If in doubt, RICE. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Always always always RICE.

5. Follow Up. If the pain is not gone in 48 hours, follow up with a physical therapist, doctor, or dance medicine specialist.

Here are some of the questions and guidelines I use when trying to identify my dancers injuries!

Photo credit (crying girl): WProsdocimo via / CC BY-NC-ND

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