5 Tips To Get Over Post-Recital Slump

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You've worked your butt off all year long, the show is done, and... now what?

Wedding and event planners tend to have the same response - now the "big event" is over, and I'm feeling depressed. How can you keep your mood up and your stress level down? Here are 5 things you can do to get yourself out of that slump!

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1. Focus on You. If that means your body/technique/personal strength, great! Do a barre, stretch, or go to the gym. Take a bike ride. Get a pedicure or a massage. Watch that movie you've been wanting to watch. Call a friend and go to lunch. You've been focusing on your dancers for so long, it's time to focus on yourself. 

2. Organize. I go through my music, lesson plans, and curriculum after recital and before the summer session so I'm organized when I get started. Right now I'm in the process of burning CDs for my first module of lessons for the 2017-18 school year (yes, I'm going back to CDs. It was a hard choice.)

I'm also going through my curriculum and putting it into a beautifully formatted pdf to hole-punch and put in a binder, so I can actually find my lesson plans when I want them!

3. Connect. I find myself going on Forum pages and Facebook group pages and connecting with dance teachers, moms, and students to find inspiration and encouragement. I also love watching dancers on YouTube and finding variations and combos to teach them!

4. Find a Project. Is there something you've been wanting to do for a long time, like make a tutorial, or update your student manual? Now is the time to do it! You can also go through all your photos and update your social media.

5. Stimulate Your Creativity. Work through a Mindfulness journal, like this one. It stimulates your creativity and helps you
explore new ideas and learn more about yourself, so you are more adequately prepared for your next season.

Hope you all have a great summer break, and an exciting summer session! What are some ways you get through post-recital slump?

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