Ballet Leggings FTW

7:35 PM

I am forever looking for leggings, yoga pants, and active-wear that works in the studio without making me feel awkward. I stumbled across an awesome sale a few months ago on Shein and wanted to share these leggings with you!

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They had a great sale on these a while back, and I snatched up 3 pairs of these beauties.

I got 2 pairs that were pink, and one pair of the black and grey. Honestly in hindsight I would have gotten all black and grey, because the pink were... well... a bit translucent.

Solved the problem with a ballet skirt, which looked adorable and was just enough.

What I really like is that the leg warmers are really long, and super warm! I am always cold, and my Achilles tend to cramp up really badly, so I'm always looking for cute ways to sport leg warmers without looking like I'm from the eighties.

They also have a bunch of other cute legging patterns; and they're all ridiculously affordable.

color block leggings
Lace cut-outs

Perfect if you use a Bluetooth device to teach!

Shein has a sale going on on right now, so don't miss out!

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