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How To Behave In Dance Class

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I've written an etiquette guide, but a manual isn't always what a kid needs. Sometimes they need to see examples of what dance class is supposed to look like, particularly younger students.

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This post is designed as a sort of "Homework assignment." Each video and image has questions and points out key information about behavior in class. Students should go through it themselves, or parents should watch the videos with the students and then ask them the questions.

If a student cannot answer the question, go back to the video and point out the answer.

#1 - Spacing

Photo credit: Yellow Sky Photography via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Used with permission 
  1. How close do the dancers stand? 
  2. Why do they need that much space?
  3. In the third picture, the students are standing still waiting for the music to begin.
#2 - Vaganova school

  1. When do the dancers stop doing the exercise?
  2. What do they do if it is really hard?
  3. What do they do if they get tired?
  4. Do you see any students stop to scratch their legs, fix their hair, or adjust their clothes?
  5. When do the students talk?
  6. Does the teacher dance with the students?

#3 - Mistakes, and waiting in line

  1. In the beginning, of the dancers makes a mistake. What does she do? 
  2. What do the dancers do when it isn't their turn to dance?
  3. When the music ends, what do the dancers do?
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# 4 - learning the combination

  1. When the teacher shows them the combination, what do they do?
  2. How do they line up in the corner?
  3. What do they do while they're waiting?
  4. What do they do when they are done with the combination? (you will see this about halfway through)

# 5 - These dancers are all waiting their turn in class. They sit in their "Ballet pose," or wait in 5th position until it is their turn to dance.
used with permission
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these dancers are waiting for their names to be called for attendance. (photo used with permission)

photo used with permission
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#6 - Dancers are all following dress code, and are looking at themselves in the mirror to make sure they are doing the exercise correctly.
used with permission

For older students, I recommend Dance Class Etiquette, a guide that lays out exactly how a student should act before, during, and after class!

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