The Rabbit Hole of Wrap Skirts

2:04 PM

So the other night I was going through my ballet wrap skirts--all of which I love--and I realized I hadn't gotten a new one in a very long time...

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Don't get me wrong, I love my skirts! They're all gifts from my ballet teacher that she wore in high school! but I'm taller (and, okay, fatter) than I was in high school... so I've started looking online for new skirts and boy, that was a rabbit hole if there ever was one.

this is perfection. Lace, and perfection.

Dusty Rose wrap skirt - Janet's Store
Toi Toi Toi extra long skirt
Beautiful Lace skirt by EntrechatDance
Beautiful Rehearsal skirt by Reverance Dancewear
this BEAUTIFUL humming bird skirt
Mauve ombre skirt
Black lace skirt
Extra long wrap skirt available in 5 colors
This reminds me of watercolors  
This gorgeous double-layer skirt available in multiple colors
Beautiful burgundy lace skirt
This water color skirt has just enough color

this super happy skirt on Ebay for $2.19

This cheerful happy pink skirt

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