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I'm so excited to share this featured article and guest post with you, from Apolla Performance!

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For far too long, dancers have lived the “no pain, no gain” or “dance through the pain” lifestyle. This lifestyle has been adopted by other athletes as well, yet, while players of other sports have been given tools to protect their greatest assets, dancers have allowed tradition to dictate what they wear on their feet and are hesitant to evolve. Maybe this is why injury rates among dancers are twice as high as football players from the knee down. In a new film aimed straight at the heart of the dance community, Apolla Performance calls for a footwear revolution, and a higher standard of protection so dancers can dance longer and dance stronger.

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The “Dance Longer Dance Stronger” campaign has manifested into a passion project of the creators of Apolla Shocks. It is a love letter to dancers of all genres. The project features powerful words vocalized by Jo Lampert (Joan of Arc on Broadway) and 25 of the nation’s top dancers and choreographers, including Megan “Megz” Alfonso (SYTYCD), Jenn Freeman (“you’ll still call me by name, Revive Dance Convention), Cat Cogliandro (Catastophe, YPAD), Chelsea Thedinga (Shaping Sound, Sonya Tayeh) along with dancers from the esteemed Juilliard, Joffrey, and PACE dance programs, just to name a few.

“Dance Longer Dance Stronger” celebrates the art and beauty of dance but also stresses the importance of self-care required for longevity. Thepatent-pending Apolla Shocks combat the increased injury rate among dancers without sacrificing fit preferences or aesthetics. The Shocks provide beautiful and effective Arch Support, Ankle Stability, Energy Absorption AND the option of a customizable traction. Apolla believes dancers are artists AND athletes and are proud to introduce sport science technology to this industry and the beautiful art of dance.

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Valid until March 31, 2018.

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