Warm-up Gear You Can't Miss This Season

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March is here and even though it's warming up outside, it's still important to keep your muscles warm and ready to go in order to prevent injury! Here are some of the best warm-ups I could find on the internet.

(note - be sure to check with your teacher/studio on what you're allowed to wear in class!)

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Gaynor Minden Sweater Tights - I've had these since I was 16. (Yeah they are a bit worn out but they still work.) They are just enough warmth without the bulk and without making you sweat your butt off.

(and they keep your whole leg and your hips warm.)

They're available directly from Gaynor, and also from Amazon, and Discount Dance.

Warmup Booties from Bloch - these are AWESOME and are just as great as they look.

Get them from Danzia - multiple colors available

Adorable sweaters and leggings from SheIn (and they have a wicked sale right now!)

Front twist sweater, $11.00
I love the open back on this!

Knit Open-back tie sweater

I love the pink on these! 

Perfect as the season begins to warm up

If you haven't shopped at SheIn, you're missing out. They have rewards, great customer service, free shipping with a certain amount purchased, and a huge selection of clothing (both workout and other).

K-Deer has adorable leggings for kids and adults (and even some matching sets)
adorable dots
I love these sweat pants and Jala pants from Evolve.

Jala Bhakti
From Danzia, these adorable knit sweat pants - like leg warmers and yoga pants at the same time!

Get them here

Body Wrappers Adult Ripstop Pant Warm-up

from: Danzia

These great pointe shoe warmup socks have a suede top and a cut-out heel!
pointe shoe warmup and cover

available in several colors
These pretty cabled leg warmers from Dancewear Solutions
only $8.95

Can't miss some of my favorites from Etsy...
from Designer4Dance, whom I love

from Fitness Pony - she has some great leg warmers too!
Merino wool leg warmers - I can't even handle it. 
Oui, j'ai parlez!

Confession - I have this shirt. also confession - I cannot wear this shirt at my studio *crying face*
This beautiful little shrug, perfect for young dancers. Photo used with permission.

And of course, hand-knit leg warmers from Beyond the Barre, made by yours truly.
100% cashmere

Available in 3 colors for a limited time
100% wool

Enjoy and stay warm!

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