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My 4 Favorite Ballet Class Pianists, and why I love them

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I have almost every ballet CD available on Amazon. What's funny is, even though I have a ton of favorites, there are 4 artists I keep coming back to, for specific reasons.

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#1 - Behind Barres album series. I found album 1 via a recommendation after I asked for long tracks (I give long combos in sets, alternating sides, without stopping, to boost stamina.)

I fell in love with album 1 (revised) and contacted the artist, Paul Lewis, and asked if he'd give me a deal on the rest of them. I use albums 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 most often, though I've only had them for about a year now, and expect I will fall in love with the other albums the more I use them!

#2 - Josu Gallastegui. Gallasteugi is one of my favorite pianists. Nothing can compare or come close to the emotion, expression, and expertise he has when it comes to piano music. He's been admired by Barishnikov and Cynthia Gregory, and Gelsey Kirkland, and more. and I listen to it just for fun because it's gorgeous.

Most of his songs are classical pieces adjusted for ballet class, and he has a few original compositions.

#3 - David Plumpton is another favorite. His piano playing is light, easy, and clear. Most of his tunes are fun, recognizable tunes, which makes for a great high-energy class, especially for teens and adults! Watch out using it in kids classes though, because every time "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" or "Frozen" comes on, they all lose their minds and can't focus on dancing...

#4 Christopher Hobson. Very similar to Plumpton, Hobson plays recognizable Disney and Broadway tunes. What I love most about the music is when you hit play and the track starts, there is a 3-5 second pause of blank space before the actual piano music begins. This is great for getting into position and demonstrating, especially for younger students or beginner classes who need a teacher or assistant to demonstrate for them.

I have many more favorites, but like I said, these are the 4 that I find on my "most played" list!

Some of these artists, and many more, are available on the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service! Check it out and see just how much free ballet class music you can get! Prices vary, but everyone gets a 30-day trial!

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