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My 3 Favorite Dance Bags - And Why They're Awesome

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If you've danced at a pre-professional level for any length of time, you know your dance bag is important. Any old bag will not do, unfortunately (cause there are some cute ones out there!). Here are my top 3 recommendations for dance bags, and why I love them.

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First of all, let's talk about what we need as a dance student, teacher, or professional dancer:

  • Space for my shoes that will allow them to breathe (multiple pairs)
  • Space for a full set of clothes and dancewear (although dancewear is usually thin and doesn't take up much space, you need to be able to fit your street clothes in your bag while you're wearing your dancewear
  • Fabric should be easy to clean (crucial, considering all the sweat and baby powder it will accumulate) 
  • Easy carrying - backpack straps or cross-body is better than over-one-shoulder since dance bags tend to get heavy. 
  • Space for a notebook, binder, or small laptop (if you're a teacher or choreographer)
I went through a bunch of different options before finally settling on these 3 as my favorites. I did find a bunch of other super cute ones that I love, and totally filled up an entire Pinterest board! So check that out if you're not digging my top 3 selections.

#1 MIER Basketball backpack. 
I know, kind of silly to get a basketball backpack for dance, but I absolutely love this thing. This is the bag that I have. 

  • Tons of space for clothes, my binder, my water bottle/snacks
  • Straps are comfy and supportive
  • Basketball section is perfect for dance shoes, street shoes, or dirty sweaty clothes
  • Water bottle holder is very large and is designed for this kind of water bottle, which every dancer should have anyway

  • It's actually a bit too large for some dancers. It would look ridiculous on a 10-year-old. Definitely best for a pre-professional dancer, full-time dancer, or teacher who spends a good number of hours in the studio
  • Only comes in red and blue
  • Can't really put the whole thing in the wash, but it's certainly easier to spot clean than some backpacks
If you want something similar but smaller, check out this one. It has the mesh on the front for shoes, but it's a bit smaller.

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#2 Canvas Backpack from SheIn

This is a cute, affordable, simple, small option for dancers with just a few belongings, or teachers who don't need a huge binder!


  • Canvas, so it breathes 
  • 2 side pockets for water bottles or shoes
  • Sturdy straps
  • Small and lightweight
  • Washable
  • Only comes in white
  • Small

#3 - Yota Tote Bag from Baggallini
Baggalini normally isn't that affordable, honestly... but this particular bag is on sale right now! And it's ideal for dance.


  • water resistant; keep your stuff from getting wet!
  • Comes in several colors
  • Lightweight, good size
  • Drawstring top, great "throw-all" bag
  • Little pocket for shoes
  • Spot for yoga mat, for dancers who do a lot of conditioning
  • No mesh, so it doesn't breathe. To keep your shoes and clothes from getting gross, leave the top drawstring open so air can circulate
  • Small, not large enough for a binder

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