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Get Ballet Box - Ballet Bun Kit Monthly or One-Time Subscription for Dancers

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Are you always running out of pins (or losing them)? I tend to run out (and break) my elastics. And I don't think I've had a new hair net in over 10 years. So when I got a chance to get the Bun Kit from Ballet Box, I jumped at it!

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Ballet Box had a special recently, so I tried it out! So far, I love it!

The kit comes in a cute tin, the size of an Altoids mint tin, and has a ballerina nurse on the front. (Get it, cause it's 9-1-Bun? No? Okay...)

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Inside the tin are little bags containing hairpins, elastics, and hair nets.

This would be a great little tool to have in the studio for bun emergencies, or to throw in your dance bag for the same reason! Who knows, maybe it'll help you not lose all your hairpins!

Yeah, right. 

Ballet Box is a monthly subscription of ballet supplies for the pre-professional and serious-minded dancer! Each box has hair supplies, tights, ballet slippers, and a bag to keep it in. 

Happy Dancing, and keep your hair up! Check out Get Ballet Box today, and keep your eyes peeled for more!

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