Unboxing - Kathryn Morgan Haul from DancersHaul!

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I recently got the opportunity to try the Kathryn Morgan haul from Dancers Haul! Dancers Haul is a subscription box for dancers, with several options based on what box you buy!

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Dancers Haul has a few different box options, including the Kathryn Morgan Haul, the Leotard Haul, the Dancewear and Accessories Haul, the Nutcracker Haul (personal favorite) and the Competition Haul. This is just KM.

I got my box literally 2 days after I ordered, so there's the first amazing thing! I barely had to wait! Which is great 'cause I was super excited.

It was totally like opening a Christmas present.

Here's one of my favorite products - the Hair Pin Pal! I feel like my mom would have bought this for me in high school if it had been around because I moved out when I was 17 and there are still pins floating around her house.

and yes I tried this, it does slurp the pins right up off the ground.

I love the stretchy So Danca bag. It's quite large! Large enough for all my dancewear for the day, and large enough for me to put my street clothes and shoes in after I change (which is nice for me, cause I don't want to open my dance bag to get my hair pins or a pair of leg warmers and have my undergarments sitting there for my students to see).  It's lace on one side and solid on the other.

It does not wash well.

Wash it by hand, or in a pillowcase. The elastic in the lace will break off, and the fabric stains easily. Lesson learned!

The blue top isn't something I would normally buy if I was in a dance store, but over the past 2 weeks or so I've worn it multiple times! I really like the look, feel, comfort, and lightness of the fabric. Even though it's incredibly light, it's surprisingly warm. It bleeds a bit in the first washing, but not at all after that. It does look like it could pick easily, so watch your jewelry and nails when putting it on!

I am happy with the leotard. It's comfortable and it fits (barely - I have a very long torso and have always struggled with leos being long enough for me). The mesh around the back is a nice, classy touch.

The tights are super comfortable, but the thing I love most about them is the convertible hole is stretchy enough for me to wear around my heels (and normally that damages them, tears them, or pinches my Achilles). But with these, it was no problem! They do pick easily but they haven't run so far.

I'd use a non-alkaline based detergent for all these products, and wash in a bag or by hand.

I hope you'll check out Dancers Haul! It was super fun to receive and wear, and I look forward to more of them in the future! It would be a great gift for any occasion, and there are so many options that one of them will certainly work for you.

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