Dancewear and Studio Picks From SheIn

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SheIn is a fun, affordable, online company that has accessories, athleticwear, clothing, purses, shoes, and more. While browsing their site, I found so many things that are great for dance class, even though they aren't actually a dancewear supplier. Here are my favorites!

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Sweet knot-front sweater! Wear with a black ballet skirt and pink or grey warmers. 

Cute cables, ribbing, and a twist in the front.

I love the drawstring on this, such a fun look! Pair with a leo, tights, and black hip wrap and leg warmers.

This would be great in the studio! lightweight, a cute twist in the back, and would match any leotard. 

This would also be sweet right over a leotard. I love that it's a crop, and that you can still see the shoulders!

For those chilly Saturday all-day rehearsals... You know you want to bundle up!  

I love the detail of this fabric too! It's a tight knit so it will hang nicely. 

So elegant!  

Leggings and Shorts

Love the stirrup. $11

Kinda reminds me of Frozen. Was $30, now $17

Cherry Blossoms never go out of style. $9

Why yes, I am a unicorn.  $10

Super fun color! $8

These would be super cute with a pink or black leo. Was $18, now $8

Short, great for Jazz or contemporary, and I love that lace at the bottom! $9

Just a bit longer and higher than jazz shorts. $5

Yes you can! Love that little extra bit of motivation :) $10

I have these in pink and grey. Soooo comfy! $10

Colorblock all day $12

I love the heather, and the tie in the front! $10

Bags and Accessories

Canvas backpack - easy to wash, breathes, perfect for a dance bag! 2 colors, $12

back detail

Similar design with a bit more pink pop to it

And it has a water bottle slot! $11
Something a bit more classy! Can be carried as a bag... 
Or as a backpack!
For the Theater Lover. $7

Inside detail - a zipper for privacy, and a little bag for "toe stuff."
If you're more of a "just throw it all in there" kind of person, this cute crochet cotton bag is perfect! $13
So pink! Nylon duffel bag

Oversized shoulder bag $7

Oversized shoulder bag
a Lace-up backpack. $10

And it comes in 4 different colors!

Hair accessories

Hair bows - $3
Faux pearl hair pin

For that added touch of elegance. $2.
These jaw clips are great for throwing your hair up in a twist super fast. $1. 
Gorgeous rhinestone bobby pins. $2.
Faux pearl hair comb, for your french twist. $2.
2 headbands for $3!
little glittery bows! $3.

Happy dancing!

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