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5 Must-Haves For Your Studio This Year + Free Coloring Book Pages

10:22 AM

If your school year hasn't started yet, it certainly will soon! Stock up your studio and get ready now!

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1. Rubber Bands and Bobby Pins

"But I don't know how to put my hair in a bun!" You know you're going to hear this! Trust me - spend the 10 minutes it takes, sit everyone down, hand out supplies, and teach them how to do it themselves. I've seen eight-year-olds do their own hair. Buns aren't hard.

These are my favorite rubber bands - I've never had issues with them snapping, and they're super stretchy.

1 pound of Bobby Pins (regular, or Prime Pantry)
Thick rubber bands (break-proof)
Thin rubber bands (breakproof)

Need a good hair tutorial to email to parents? Check out this video that shows how to do a ballet bun for class and performance!

2. Student Manuals and Parent Support Guides
Your students really do want to please you, and your parents probably don't want to be "that dance mom." Sometimes studio owners and parents just don't speak the same language. That's where these printables come in.

Written in a positive and professional manner, the Student Etiquette Guide is the perfect handbook for students going into a more pre-professional class atmosphere. The Supporting Your Dancer guide is perfect for first-time dance moms!

Need a discount on multiple documents? Subscribe to my email and ask nicely, I might send you a coupon or something ;)

3. Sanitizing Wipes
These are perfect for cleaning up quick messes, wiping down barres and therabands, and cleaning toys and props in the studio without having to do any sort of deep cleaning. I wipe down EVERYTHING I can in between my classes!

Lime scented wipes - $5.49
Alcohol-Free Sanitizing Wipes - $3.45

Don't have a Thrive Market account? trust me, it's worth it! Get 25% off your first order of already majorly discounted items by signing up through my link.

4. Socks
Socks? Why? Well, for all the kids who come in wearing "Ballet Flats" or those horrible "slippers" their mom got at wall-mart.
plain white socks - variety of colors and sizes

Wash the socks with no fabric softener so they won't make your dance floor slick.

5. Coloring Book Pages and Handouts 

While parents are learning about the studio and registering their kids, keep the dancers busy with some coloring book pages! Check out Beyond the Barre's Open House collection (5 simple sheets) with terminology and pronunciation (and no 180 degree turn-out!)

And if you want these totally free? Well, since I'm a nice person, okay. Sign up for Beyond the Barre's Email list,  and you'll get a special password to use to access a whole slew of coloring book pages, including these!

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