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I've had an Etsy shop before and guess what... it's a ton of work. I'm also a seamstress (fun fact!) and that's a ton of work too! Those two things together? Naw, fam. I'll stick with ballet and playing around on Canva.

Supporting small business allows people like you and me to be able to support their families. Pick small before going big!

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Check out Designer for Dance.

JD says, "I was born to do this."

I was born into a clothing industry family. My grandparents and parents had retail clothing stores in several locations in Arizona. There was always a sewing machine in our home while I was growing up because my mother frequently did alterations of garments that were sold in our store. I learned to sew on her machine when I was just a boy.
I enjoyed a 10-year successful career as a fine artist where I made my living painting and print making. But I continued to sew - mostly for myself. For a twenty-year stretch of my life I studied Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz dance. In time I merged everything that I had learned into sewing and printing garments for dancers of all kinds. I have been doing that since 1998.

Y'all don't even understand. I can't pick which one here is my favorite, so I'm just taking a screenshot. So. Flipping. Cute.

so cool and funky!

that Retire tho!

Holy hairballs it's a turn-out kitty.
Precious. Get it here.
Sparkly Kids shorts!
Tons of color and pattern options. $19
And yes, there's a clearance section too.

Savin' those dollas.

I think I might have to get me some of that stuff. I LOVE it!!

Shop local, friends.

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