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How To Use A Kindle To Run Your Dance Class Smoothly

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I have used everything as far as a device to play music in the classroom. What's better, a phone, an mp3 player? should I go back to the dark ages of CDs?

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The main issue I have with using my phone is this; many times if a student is struggling, I use my phone to videotape them dancing, and then I show it to them. Almost instantly, the can actually see what I'm asking them to do, and what the issue is. Can't do that if you're playing music out of your phone (phones can't do that many things at once).

I decided to use my Kindle and give that a try.

First thing I did was go to the app store and download all the apps I needed:

  • Relax Melodies (awesome for putting on music that is calming, doesn't end, and perfect for warm-up and stretching)
  • Spotify Music (my studio has a group membership, and my Director puts her playlists up there) 
  • ES File Explorer (easier to find stuff and go to videos easily)
  • Youtube (to pull up dance videos)

There are pre-downloaded apps on the device that are also super convenient

  • Amazon Music (just click music at the top, and download your music so you can play it offline. All your playlists will sync too.)
  • Calendar (Put your classes on the schedule and they'll help you stay on time! and it syncs with your google.)

Then I set them as my favorites so I could get to them easily.

I also go through the carousel (that's all the stuff in the middle) and remove stuff I don't want up there (for example, e-books and apps I may have downloaded that I don't want on display).

Lastly, I put Google Drive on there, so I could download videos I'd recorded on my phone and show the videos to my students! (Google Drive is amazing.)

Now I have access to all my music (even if there is no internet at the studio). Our speakers are all Bluetooth, so I don't even have to use the auxiliary port.

Right now there are some good deals on Kindles! You can get $50 off two kids Kindles (if it gets broken, they replace it, no questions asked... perfect for the studio!)

The 7-inch Kindle Fire with 8 gigs is only $49.99, which honestly is a great deal.
Need more than 8 gigs? They have up to 32, or you can get a micro sd memory card and an extender.

Also, did you know Amazon Music Unlimited has a ton of ballet music you can use for free? There are also a bunch of awesome e-books that are included in Kindle Unlimited, related to nutrition, exercise, and dance!

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