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7 Must-Haves For Your Home Studio

10:00 PM

Are you trying to build a home-studio for your dancer to get more practice time? Here are 7 great items to include in your at-home studio!

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1. First, you need a good dance floor. It's very dangerous to wear your dance shoes anywhere but on a dance floor. Get this affordable roll-out floor at Discount Dance.

Tap N Tube roll-out floor - $100.93

2. Next, get yourself the perfect ballet barre - One that is both portable, and attached to the wall! Ballet on the Go is a project started by a high school girl who needed a ballet barre to take with her. This is the perfect option for home-studios!

Ballet on the Go Portable Barre - $49.99 plus shipping

3. Most affordable option for a mirror? Get a few of these bad boys, take the frames off, and use Command Strips to attach them to the walls.

Closet Mirror, $5.88

4. You'll need a nice sound system... something small, with good sound quality that is tough, durable, and lasts a long time... sound too good to be true? Well I've had this bluetooth speaker (also has aux cable) for almost 10 years now, and it is still works perfectly!

Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker - $85.95

5. Get some stretching and conditioning tools for injury prevention.

Belus bands, Stretch Strap, Therabands, foot rollerfoam roller, bosu balltennis ball, (yes you really do need one of these, and don't fall for those "massage balls," tennis balls are so much better),

6. A 2-pack of spin boards to help you with... well, everything. Read more about how to properly use a spin board here.

2-pack of spin boards - $19.99

7. The best and most comfortable dancing socks you'll ever wear!

Be You Sure Sock - $17.99

Don't forget to sign up for the Healthy Dancer online conference! There will be sessions on injury prevention, safe stretching, using spin boards and foam rollers, nutrition, and more!

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