5+ Snacks To Keep Backstage

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It's always good to have some healthy snacks backstage for quick energy, breaks, or shaky dancers. Here are a few healthy options to keep backstage!

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1. In a small cooler - Babybell or String cheese, Charcuterie wrap, Hummus, and Sliced Veggies

I cut up and put everything in little glass containers in my lunch box or cooler, and keep it backstage for me and the high-level dancers and teachers to snack on.

2. Cheese crackers, Fig Newtons, and Bel Vita Cookies

I can't tell you how often a cheese cracker or a Bel Vita has helped an upset child.
The blueberry is the best.
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3. Gatorade, Water, and flower-water
If you need water with a little bit of something sweet in it but you don't want to drink juice or Gatorade, a good mix is to either water down the juice or add some edible flowers or fruit to your water. This helps add some extra electrolytes!

Check out this cool water bottle specifically for adding fruit.

Also, have you heard of Drip Drop? It's designed to help keep athletes hydrated without the artificial stuff that is in most sports drinks.

DripDrop Hydration Solution

4. Check out these pumpkin muffins from The Whole Dancer! You can make them bite-sized, or make it as a loaf to cut off slices. They're packed with nutrition and whole grains to keep you going!

Recipe here
5. Get yourself a Graze box (or just a few of your favorite snacks)

Graze snacks are the perfect size and composition to eat in the dressing room or backstage, as they're small, individually wrapped, and perfectly portioned.

Some of my favorites are: Cinnamon protein balls, the Original protein flapjack (like a mini granola bar), the Cheese board mix, and the Chocolate Pecan share bag!

6. Head over to Jenelle Manzi's website for amazing delicious recipes for quick energy!

7. Tippy Toe girl also has some great recipes, including Paleo Banana Zucchini bread for tons of energy.

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