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5 Ways To Stay Strong Over Summer Break

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Summer is hard for dancers, whether you're in-between summer intensives and camps, or whether you're staying home altogether. You don't want to lose what you've gained, and you don't want to develop bad habits! Here are a few tips on staying strong and fit over the summer if you aren't in class.

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1. Floor barre + Powerdance Technique

You already know I'm an advocate of this program, which was developed by Joffrey trained Eileen Juric after experiencing Zena Rommett's floor barre and teaching for many years, and realizing there was "something missing." This program is excellent for working on deep strength, movement initiation, and finding more turnout and rotation than you ever have before! My turnout increased by about 20 degrees after learning these exercises.

*disclaimer - I do not get paid to promote Eileen. She's a friend, and I use and believe in her program. Also, I'm the tall one in the back!

2. Suspension Training + Resistance Training

Resistance training is using either equipment (therabands, gym equipment) or your own body weight (TRX) to train your body. It's less likely to cause injury, and can be highly effective! Here are a few great videos and playlists for you to use for conditioning.

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3. Watch and do online masterclasses

I do this all the time! Grab your laptop or phone, pull up a video of a masterclass, and dance along with them! You'll always have someone to demonstrate, and you'll learn new exercises and combinations. My favorite right now is the Scottish Ballet world ballet day. Some of those combos are intense!

4. Videotape yourself and watch it

This is brutal, by the way. I used to do this a few times a year back in college (look if you must but don't hate me!). However it's highly effective, especially for higher level dancers. By now, you know what you should look like. So record, watch, make notes for yourself, re-record, etc. It's a great way to drill specific corrections you've gotten that you haven't been able to correct, or even start catching things you didn't notice before!

5. Gaia classes, Amazon classes, and other online classes

These are online videos you can watch that are designed to be done from home or from your home studio!

On Amazon - Be Fit classes has a free trial

On Amazon - Gaia classes

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