4 Stretches For Dress Rehearsal And Recital To Keep You Warm And Ready To Dance

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It's so important to stretch and be prepared for your recital! Most studios schedule a warmup or a master class before the show, while others expect you to warm up on your own. Here are a few of my favorite warmup and exercises to get you warm without wasting too much of your energy.

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1. A foot-articulating warmup

From parallel:
right foot: demi-pointe arch press, pointe, demi-pointe, flat
left foot: demi-pointe arch press, pointe, demi-pointe, flat
right foot: demi-pointe arch press, pointe and plié pressing the arch, demi-pointe, flat,
both feet: demi plie, forced arch, relevé, lower the heels

repeat beginning on the left foot, and turned out as well!

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2. This tendu/jeté marathon from Scottish Ballet Masterclass

From 1st position:

1 Tendu, close 1st, demi plié, stretch F/S/B
Cambré forward
1 Tendu, close 1st, demi plié, stretch B/S/F

Repeat with 2 tendus as follows, through 5th position:

2 tendu front, coups de pied, close front
2 tendu side closing back and front, coups de pied switching to the back
2 tendu back, coups de pied, close back
Assemble Soussus, balance, plié and reverse
Soutenue and repeat on the other side

Soutenue and repeat tendu plie tendu plié, relevé coups de pied

Then going from 5th:
3 tendu front, passé, close 5th
3 tendu side closing 1st 1st 5th front, passé to the back, close 5th
3 tendu back, passé, close rest,
Grand plié, and stretch, to reverse and soutenue

5 tendu and plié, F/S/B, soussus and balance, reverse and repeat

3 degagé, pas de cheval (straight or plie) close F/S/B, passé flat, close back to reverse and soutenue
7 degagé and a plié F/S/B, passé relevé, close back to reverse and soutenue.

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3. This relevé sequence will warm you up!

8 elevé in 1st
8 relevé in 1st
8 elevé in coups de pied on either foot (or you can do weaker, stronger, weaker)
8 elevé in 2nd
8 relevé in 2nd
balance for a bit. Stretch.

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4. This stretching series by Kathryn Morgan

A stretching series like this (with static stretching) is best done after you're already warm. Remember to ease in and out of your stretches!

Be safe during recital!

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